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UniverSOUL Circus Returns to Dallas

29 Jul

What’s the only circus where you’ll hear “Walk It Out” played over the loud speakers?? You got it! The UniverSOOOOOUUULL Circus! This highly interactive show is the third featured in “Circus Season” here in North Texas. From August 2nd to August 7th the UniverSoul Circus will be in Dallas at Southwest Center Mall located at Highway 67 & I-20.

My first Soulful circus experience took place in Maryland a few years ago, (the summer of 2007 to be exact) and we had a great time! A majority of the circus performers were African American or West Indian. There was hip hop music and R&B music that played throughout, but what really distinguished this show from the rest was the level of interaction with the audience. Of course you’re in a smaller tent also, but I could literally smell the elephants as they came and went. (eww, Thanks Babar.) No, but it’s not that bad. You just feel like you’re a part of everything that’s going on.

Universoul Circus was founded about 17 years ago. Cedric Walker envisioned a show that presented all the various talents African Americans had to offer, besides the typical singing and dancing. It was 1994 when Walker’s dream of “Hip Hop under the Big Top” came into reality in the parking lot of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the UniverSOUL Circus has remained in operation ever since. Year after year the circus visited more and more cities. In ’99 they toured 19 cities, and by 2005, 32! Their first international destination was South Africa.

It is a full-on party under the big top for the whole family. You’ll enjoy tigers turn tricks, acrobats, high wire, break dancing, Caribbean limbo, comedy, magical illusions, Trinidad and Tobago showgirls, a Chinese aerial dance like you’ve never seen before and more! Ringmaster Tony Tone will keep you laughing, dancing and wondering why you never tried this out before. Walker’s full-blown big top circus has been touring across the States for over a decade now. They come every year around the same time to Dallas and they’re back again so get your tickets if you’re ready for a show you’re sure not to forget.

Begin the month of August with a Bang and head over to Southwest Center Mall where you’ll spot the blue and yellow big top. If you don’t see it right away just follow the bass coming from outside of Sears. If you missed out on tickets to Dralion, just consider this your own Cirque du SOUL-ayyyeee!!

Til the next DFWH post……..we wish you…

Night at the Ballpark: Rangers vs Twins

28 Jul

Got some tickets to the Ranger Game on Tuesday, July 26th. The seats were awesome! (Section 39 Row 8 to be exact) Here are a few shots from our time recently spent at the Ballpark in ArlingtonGO RANGERS!!

After demoralizing Minnesota 20-6…. Texas wasn’t quite as lucky in Game 2 but we had a great time anyways! Do the CLAWWWW

Shout out to Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Young, Kinsler, Andrus doin their thing on the field!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was my 3rd time actually attending a MLB game/Ranger game. I feel so American and Texan when I go. We sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” ; the entire stadium is blue, red and white; you spot plenty of 10 gallon hats (or just cowboy hats period); I get my taste of country music; meet cool people while we laugh at the drunk ones; and apart from the sport itself, the whole ambiance just says “U.S.A.”

Next time maybe we’ll go on Hot Dog Dollar Night!!

BTW, Here’s the Claw song in case you haven’t been recently to the Ballpark. Antlers up! BE PREPARED.

PS – One added bonus is the Ballpark at Arlington’s Complimentary LEXUS Valet Service. (2 thumbs up) Keep that in mind if you own a Lex and ever wanna go to a game!

Stroll and Sample at the July Wine Walk at Cedar Hill Uptown Village

27 Jul

Uptown Village in Cedar Hill hosts a Free Wine Walk on the last Thursday of each month. If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur then you can appreciate the sips you’ll receive, but if you’re just looking for something to do that gets you a few free treats too then you will also like this event. Usually they require you to RSVP in order to participate but you don’t HAVE to; it’s just encouraged. This month the Wine Walk will take place on July 28th.

Expect live music, special store promotions, food samples, and fun! Pick up your tickets and a bag of goodies with a map laying out all of the participating retailers and restaurants where you can enjoy sales, promotions, samples and wine. It gives you the chance to do a little exercise as well as you circle the Village Green and peek into each store to see what they have to offer. It’s a three hour event happening from 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the evening so you’ll have time to get there after work. Of course you also need to be at least 21 to participate in the Wine Walk. You can e-mail to make your reservations. Uptown Village is growing more and more each season. They recently added a Black-eyed Peas, taking the spot of the former Petaluma Café. If either of these eateries are open this month, try a taste of Italia Express and Max n’ Cheese. Patrizio’s and Which Wich are also favorites but no guarantee that they’re participating in the event. Get outta the house and into “Sample n’ Sip Stroll”.

Uptown Village is located off of Highway 67 and Pleasant Run.
You can also enter from 1382/Belt Line Road.

The Greatest Show On Earth Hits the Hottest State in the South

26 Jul

Each year around the hottest part of the summer Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey, pack up their trucks and come down to North Texas to put on what has been long since deemed “The Greatest Show on Earth”. If you’re under 4 ft tall it’s highly recommended that you attend, although some of the circus people will be around your height. The Barnum 200, aka Blue Tour, is scheduled to be at the American Airlines Center Wednesday, July 27th!

Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey are in North Texas July 27 - Aug 14

For you adults who have never been to the circus and don’t have some kind of related fear of clowns, this is a good starting place; and the good news is that this is also an Air Conditioned Event! Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey has been around forever! About 100 years! Created by James Anthony Bailey and P.T. Barnum, it merged with the Ringling Brothers Circus who purchased them in 1907, and ran the shows separately until 1917. If you thought the show’s name is long now, check out its past names it went under as new investors joined.

All kinds of Excitement under the Big Top

So what makes “The Greatest Show on Earth” so great? Well for one, the amazing animals! For some reason little kids are fascinated with wildlife, and they bring all kinds with them. You’ll see awesome elephants, various breeds of horses, big cats, llamas, goats and more! What’s important is that this circus takes care of their furry coworkers which you can read about here. I know, cause I’ve always wondered “Did they really choose this lifestyle?” and I know they probably didn’t. What elephant raises his trunk and says “Hey let me jump in your truck, sleep in a cage, and tour all year being forced to train and do tricks for screaming kids I’ve never met.” Unless he’s cool with Dr. DoLittle; But enough with the sarcasm, ……the family will love it! Just rest assured that Verbal or physical abuse and the withholding of food or water are strictly prohibited and you can read more on Animal Care at the site.

See the Human Canon!

When I was a lot shorter (around that “too short to ride” age) with a chipmunk pitched voice, I got the chance to go see “The Greatest Show On Earth” and I’m guessing it was at Reunion Arena (now a pile of dust and Maverick memories). There’s just something about the circus you don’t forget. All the things you’re told not to do at home, these people are getting paid to do in front of you but with higher heights, smaller ropes and a net to catch them at the bottom. Kids, don’t try this at home, unless you have a safety net, which I’m almost positive most of you don’t.

Some of the special offers going on now for Ringling Brothers Circus is Babys First Circus, Preferred Customer Offers and Free Commemorative Certificate. Also see your local grocer for possible coupons. Now that Sade & John Legend are gone we can turn the AAC into an indoor zoo that fills the arena & Mavs locker room with a mixture of aromas even Dirk Nowitzki & Cuban could stand for ONLY so long. Check out the schedule below for the Blue Tour. That’s it after August 7th! If you miss them that week drive over to Ft. Worth where they’ll be performing for only 4 days (8/10 – 8/14). Then the gang heads down to Austin! Don’t miss The Greatest Show on Earth! But if you must miss it this year, and you’re a circus fiend you’ve got other options: Cirque du Soleil & UniverSOUL Circus.

Click here for tickets to see the Ringling Brothers and their entourage!

AAC, home of the NBA Champs, hosts the Circus


DALLAS – American Airlines Center

Wed, July 27……………………..7:30pm
Thur, July 28..………10:30am, 7:30pm
Fri, July 29………..10:30am, 7:30pm
Sat, July 30…….11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sun, July 31…….10:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm
Tues, Aug 2………………………7:30pm
Wed, Aug 3…………………….…7:30pm
Thur, Aug 4…………………….…7:30pm
Fri, Aug 5……………………..….7:30pm
Sat, Aug 6………11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sun, Aug 7………10:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm

FT. WORTH – Ft. Worth Convention Center

Wed, Aug 10……7:30pm
Thur, Aug 11……7:30pm
Fri, Aug 12…….10:30am, 7:30pm
Sat, Aug 13…….11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sun, Aug 14……..2:30pm

Whew! Talk about a tour! See you under the “big top”.

Dralion Cirque du Soleil – Frisco, TX

26 Jul

Cirque de Soleil is coming to North Texas July 27th and bringing their Asian acrobatic flare with them. For an entire weekend Dralion will use the FC Dallas’ stadium for jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts, amazing live music and eye catching costumes that reflect a 3000 year old Chinese tradition. If the costumes don’t grab your eye the whole entire set is sure to! A wall covered with perforated aluminum tiles takes up the whole length of the stage while a mammoth structure creates the backdrop. The 60 feet wide 26 feet tall metallic set suggests a futurists Chinese temple in some scenes and a giant plate of medieval armor in others.

A set like you've never seen before

Unique culture and Cirque du Soleil always go hand in hand. The source of Dralion’s inspiration comes from Eastern philosophy’s continuous quest for harmony between nature and humans. Dralion is a mixture of the words dragon & lion, but it’s meaning is a little deeper. The lion which symbolizes the west, and the dragon, representing the East, represent the two emblematic creatures of the culture. Witness as the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) which govern the natural order take on human form in Dralion. If you’ve never been to a Cirque du Soleil before, expect colors costumes and patterns that surpass regular creativity and bring the whole stage to life. This fancy smancy circus will be in town from July 27 through July 31, just in time to make way for UniverSoul Circus and the classic Barnum & Bailey. I can only imagine the amount of planning, designing, artwork and more that goes into Dralion. You won’t even realize you’re at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Texas.

For tickets to the Dallas Dralion show (Frisco) you can click here, but don’t expect Ringling Bros. prices. Although they have grand performances, Cirque du Soleil has a way of sneaking in and out of town. I can’t believe we almost missed doing a write-up on it! Get a babysitter, or load up the minivan for a trip out the Frisco to see what surprises Dralion has in store for you and the family! It is like none other! Circus acts at their finest!

If you’d like to see a view previews of the show click here.

There will be two shows on the final date.
For TICKETS visit the Dr. Pepper Arena site or the official Dralion site.

Dralion is directed by Guy Caron

Cedar Hill Walk the Light Art Festival

25 Jul

When was the last time you got excited about walking through the street light? I believe mine all came after seeing this…

(Anybody remember this? It was the moment all us 80s-born Sesame Street watching kids found a new way to walk..myself included) Well you’ll get another chance this Saturday night. Cedar Hill hosts the Walk the Light Art Festival July 30th from 4-10pm in their historic downtown. It’s not far from 1382, right around the corner from the Cinemark Theatre and only a minute drive from Uptown Village.

If you’re a fan of art don’t miss this Free outdoor event displaying all art genres. Artists will display or perform their craft around in Pioneer Park, inside downtown Cedar Hill businesses and on the streets as Walk the Light Arts Festival paints the town all sorts of colors. If you’re an artist yourself and interested in participating, visit to register. Walk the Light is devoted to celebrating artists and art of all forms by providing a unique venue for it to be enjoyed, and what better place than out in the street? Cedar Hill may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of looking at artwork but they just might change your mind this weekend once you’ve stepped into the outdoor gallery they’ve created. All you newbies to the art world can use this opportunity to expose yourself to the different forms of art and participate in the creative process through various performances, exhibits and art installations. Again, it’s Saturday 7/30 and Admission is Free! So what do you have to lose? Especially if you don’t have any other plans. Add a splash of color to your weekend and try something a little different.

This little piggy went to the Walk the Light Art Festival. That little piggy stayed home. This little piggy was glad she went, while the other got closer to becoming labeled a “bore”. (yeah, definitely not the wild kind)

Join Pigasso this weekend at the Art Festival

Dallas Bridal Show: July 2011

25 Jul

Calling all Brides-to-Be!!! Make your way down to Dallas Market Hall next weekend, July 30 & 31 for the Dallas Bridal Show. Whether your groom comes along or not, this is an event YOU don’t want to miss before entering marital bliss. Here you’ll find everything from cakes, accessories, gowns, ceremony music, and dance instructions to cookware, photographers, decorations, DJs, bands, embroidery and florists. The list goes on and on for the things you have to consider when planning a wedding, and the 2011 Bridal Show offers wedding planners and brides the resources that help make one of the most important days of one’s life amazing.

Bridal Shows not only help making arrangements easier, but stimulate even more ideas as you go through your To-Do lists and Bridal planning booklets. Add this event to your calendar today!! Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids, and you can only pay with cash. The Dallas Bridal Show will be open Saturday (7/30) and Sunday (7/31) from 10:00am to 5:00pm. If you’re a Dallas bride, then you need to be at the Dallas Market Hall. If not, you may have to wait another 2 months until the next one! Being fashionably late is only acceptable on your actual Wedding Day, well, at least by some, so don’t wait til the last minute to get your planning started. The Bridal Show is the perfect place to get things going!

Stay Tuned for more Bridal Shows coming soon to DFW…

Plano Bridal Show – September 11, 2011

Fort Worth Bridal Show – September 17-18, 2011

Las Colinas Bridal Show – January 8, 2011

Dallas Bridal Show – January 28-29, 2012

**For a $1.00 coupon on upcoming shows click here.***

Broadway’s Guys & Dolls at Fair Park | Dallas Summer Musical of July

24 Jul

From July 19 – July 31 catch Guys & Dolls at Fair Park’s Music Hall! Guys and Dolls is presented by Dallas Summer Musicals and is appropriate for all ages! Guys and Dolls is based on two short stories by Damon Runyon- “The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown” and “Blood Pressure” and a book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows.

Guys and Dolls is a romantic musical comedy set in New York City. The vivid cast of characters brings the story to life on stage with fun and catchy songs, lyrics by Frank Loesser, that bring the spirit of Broadway right into the heart of Dallas!

The organizer of the oldest permanent floating crap game, Nathan Detroit, makes an interesting bet with Sky Masterson who is traveling alone to Havana and believes he could get any woman he wants to company him. Nathan makes an interesting Bet with Sky that he’s sure he’ll win. Nathan proposes that Sky take a ‘doll’ chosen by Nathan to dinner in Havana. He bets that Sky can’t make the next girl he sees fall in love with him. Turns out the lucky contestant happens to be Miss Sarah Brown of the Save-a-Soul Mission. As soon as Nathan chooses virginal Sergeant Sarah Brown, Sky’s confidence fades. Meanwhile, Nate’s ‘doll’ (Miss Adelaide), who is the main attraction at the Hot Box nightclub, only has marriage on her mind after lying to her mother for about 14 years about being married with kids. She is suffering from a psychosomatic cold after dealing with the long overdue engagement. Nathan is in need of $1000 and relies on winning this bet to rent out Gilmore’s Garage in order to maintain the “Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York”. Find out if Sky gets the girl or if Nathan gets the garage when you go see Guys and Dolls this week!

Guys and Dolls is showing at The Music Hall at Fair Park

The Broadway musical first premiered in 1950 at 46th Street Theatre directed by George S. Kaufman with 1200 performances. After the first year the Broadway musical received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1951. Guys and Dolls has received multiple Tony Awards in 1951, ‘65, ‘77, ‘92 and 2009. The musical has had many Broadway revivals and West End productions.


Tue, Jul 19………..8PM
Wed, July 20……….8PM
Thu, July 21……….8PM
Fri, July 22……….8PM
Sat, July 23……….2PM & 8PM
Sun, July 24……….2PM & 8PM
Tue, July 26……….8PM
Wed, July 27……….8PM
Thu, July 28……….2PM & 8PM
Fri, July 29……….8PM
Sat, July 30……….2PM & 8PM
Sun, July 31……….2PM

Tickets can be purchased at ranging from $20 to $85. Prices vary based on showtimes, dates and seating levels.
Click here for directions and additional information on The Musical Hall at Fair Park.

KRLD Restaurant Week 2011 Now Taking Reservations

24 Jul

In less than a month KRLD Restaurant Week returns to DFW!! The annual event gives you the opportunity to enjoy a three-course prix fixe dinner for only $35/person at some of the top most expensive restaurants around town. The package does not include tax, tip and drinks but just dinner. KRLD Restaurant Week will run from August 15 – August 21. You can select from about 125 restaurants. Over half of the restaurants will extend the deal for about two or three weeks, like through August 28th and some til September 4th. Some restaurants are even offering a Restaurant Week preview the weekend right before it officially starts, which will take place Fri. Aug. 12th through Sun. Aug. 14th.

Once you recognize some of the restaurants offering the deal you’ll understand that you can’t beat $35, especially if it’s a three-course meal!! Also the restaurants aren’t all in one particular city or area but stretch from Downtown and Uptown to Addison out to Ft. Worth!

KRLD Restaurant Week also benefits two of the metroplex’s major non-profits, the North Texas Food Bank of Dallas and Lena Pope Home of Fort Worth. For each prix fixe dinner purchased, the participating restaurants will make a $7 donation to either of the charities. From what I understand, some reservations can be made online while others you may have to call in. It’s not too early to make your reservations either! In fact, reservations began on Monday, July 18th! This may not be the Taste of Dallas but it can be your formal air conditioned version of it. For all you steak lovers and hardcore carnivores there are some pretty high ranked meaty restaurants participating in Restaurant Week 2011. Don’t miss out on this annual event coming up next month! Make your reservations soon and tell ‘em DFW Happenings sent ya!
“Hungry” – Party of 2!!

Check out the list of participating restaurants in this year’s KRLD Restaurant Week:

III Forks
Al Biernat’s
Arcodoro & Pomodoro
Bailey’s – (Fairview, Park Lane, Fort Worth)
Bistro Watel’s
Cafe Pacific
Cafe Toulouse
Canary Cafe
The Capital Grille (Dallas, Plano)
Central 214
Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill
Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House
Charlie Palmer at the Joule
Craft : Dallas
The Crescent Club
Culpepper Steakhouse
Dallas Chop House
Dallas Fish Market
Dee Lincoln’s Tasting Room
Del Frisco’s (Dallas, Fort Worth)
Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa
Eddie V’s Prime Seafood – (Dallas, Fort Worth)
Ellerbe Fine Foods
Fearing’s at The Ritz-Carlton
Ferrari’s Italian Villa – (Dallas, Grapevine)
Fire Oak Grill
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
Fogo de Chao
French Room at the Adolphus Hotel
The Grill on the Alley
The Grotto
Hannah’s Off the Square
India West
Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill
Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse
La Cima
La Fiorentina
Lanny’s Alta Cocina
Lawry’s the Prime Rib
Lonesome Dove
Malai Kitchen
Mansion on Turtle Creek
McCormick & Schmick’s
The Mercury
Mercury Chop House
Mi Piaci
Mr. G’s at the Hyatt Regency
Naan Sushi Uptown
Naan Sushi of Plano
Nick & Sam’s
Ocean Prime
The Palm
Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
Perry’s Steakhouse
Piccolo Mondo
Place at Perry’s
Q de Cheval
Ranch at Las Colinas
Randy’s Steakhouse
Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen
Restaurant Ava
Rick’s Chophouse
Ristorante Nicola
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Seasons 52
Second Floor at The Westin Galleria Dallas
Silver Fox (Frisco, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Richardson)
St. Martin’s Wine Bistro
Stephan Pyles
Steve Field’s Steak & Lobster Lounge
Tei An
Texas de Brazil (Addison, Fort Worth, Dallas)
Tillman’s (Dallas, Fort Worth)
Tower Club
Trevi’s at the Omni Hotel
Truluck’s (Addison, Dallas)
Whiskey Cake
The Wild Mushroom Steak House & Lounge
Woodfire by Kirby’s

Check your restaurant's RW Menu before reserving

DFW’s 2011 Summer Balloon Classic – An Aviation Extravaganza

20 Jul

Need to let out some hot air?? Come to the South side of town this weekend for the 2011 Summer Balloon Classic held between Midlothian and Waxahachie just south of DFW. This Aviation Extravaganza is being held at Midway Regional Airport off Highway 287 July 22nd-24th. The three-day outdoor event features 40 magnificent Hot Air Balloons, an exciting Air Show which includes the only Aerobatic Racing Challenge found in the south! You’ll also catch anything that operates in the air from airplanes, helicopters, military aircraft to skydivers and powered parachutes.

See 40 hot air balloons at SBC 2011

On Saturday evening at sunset the “Lite the Nite” balloon glow will fill the skies with balloons on static displace filling the area with a beautiful glow of color. The event is FREE but parking will cost about $10. DFW’s Summer Balloon Classic also involves plenty of exhibits, food, a kid’s are and live music! This is a great summer activity for the entire family and all you have to worry about paying is parking and possible food or crafts if something catches your eye. The air shows and balloon display is sure to catch your eye. Watch as Texas Balloonists compete for the Texas State Championship right at the 2011 Summer Balloon Classic. It’s not every day you get to witness something as awesome as this. You may even get the opportunity to fly or operate a piece of machine yourself!

Awesome Air Shows & military aircraft

Everything but the balloons start poppin’ off at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon when the event officially opens and the opening ceremonies are at 6:15pm. However, the Balloon Classic opens as early as 6am on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday ends with the amazing “Lite the Nite” balloon glow presented by 103.7 Lite FM. On Saturday the booths, exhibits and Children’s area will be open from 4-8:3opm. If you decide to wait until the last day to come (Sunday) be sure to get there before noon because the event will be closing.


Friday, July 22……4:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 23…..6:00am – 8:30pm
Sunday, July 24…… 6:00am – 12noon

Visit the official DFW Summer Balloon Classic site for more information.

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