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UniverSOUL Circus Returns to Dallas

29 Jul

What’s the only circus where you’ll hear “Walk It Out” played over the loud speakers?? You got it! The UniverSOOOOOUUULL Circus! This highly interactive show is the third featured in “Circus Season” here in North Texas. From August 2nd to August 7th the UniverSoul Circus will be in Dallas at Southwest Center Mall located at Highway 67 & I-20.

My first Soulful circus experience took place in Maryland a few years ago, (the summer of 2007 to be exact) and we had a great time! A majority of the circus performers were African American or West Indian. There was hip hop music and R&B music that played throughout, but what really distinguished this show from the rest was the level of interaction with the audience. Of course you’re in a smaller tent also, but I could literally smell the elephants as they came and went. (eww, Thanks Babar.) No, but it’s not that bad. You just feel like you’re a part of everything that’s going on.

Universoul Circus was founded about 17 years ago. Cedric Walker envisioned a show that presented all the various talents African Americans had to offer, besides the typical singing and dancing. It was 1994 when Walker’s dream of “Hip Hop under the Big Top” came into reality in the parking lot of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the UniverSOUL Circus has remained in operation ever since. Year after year the circus visited more and more cities. In ’99 they toured 19 cities, and by 2005, 32! Their first international destination was South Africa.

It is a full-on party under the big top for the whole family. You’ll enjoy tigers turn tricks, acrobats, high wire, break dancing, Caribbean limbo, comedy, magical illusions, Trinidad and Tobago showgirls, a Chinese aerial dance like you’ve never seen before and more! Ringmaster Tony Tone will keep you laughing, dancing and wondering why you never tried this out before. Walker’s full-blown big top circus has been touring across the States for over a decade now. They come every year around the same time to Dallas and they’re back again so get your tickets if you’re ready for a show you’re sure not to forget.

Begin the month of August with a Bang and head over to Southwest Center Mall where you’ll spot the blue and yellow big top. If you don’t see it right away just follow the bass coming from outside of Sears. If you missed out on tickets to Dralion, just consider this your own Cirque du SOUL-ayyyeee!!

Til the next DFWH post……..we wish you…

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