Night at the Ballpark: Rangers vs Twins

28 Jul

Got some tickets to the Ranger Game on Tuesday, July 26th. The seats were awesome! (Section 39 Row 8 to be exact) Here are a few shots from our time recently spent at the Ballpark in ArlingtonGO RANGERS!!

After demoralizing Minnesota 20-6…. Texas wasn’t quite as lucky in Game 2 but we had a great time anyways! Do the CLAWWWW

Shout out to Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Young, Kinsler, Andrus doin their thing on the field!

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This was my 3rd time actually attending a MLB game/Ranger game. I feel so American and Texan when I go. We sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” ; the entire stadium is blue, red and white; you spot plenty of 10 gallon hats (or just cowboy hats period); I get my taste of country music; meet cool people while we laugh at the drunk ones; and apart from the sport itself, the whole ambiance just says “U.S.A.”

Next time maybe we’ll go on Hot Dog Dollar Night!!

BTW, Here’s the Claw song in case you haven’t been recently to the Ballpark. Antlers up! BE PREPARED.

PS – One added bonus is the Ballpark at Arlington’s Complimentary LEXUS Valet Service. (2 thumbs up) Keep that in mind if you own a Lex and ever wanna go to a game!

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