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DFW’s 2011 Summer Balloon Classic – An Aviation Extravaganza

20 Jul

Need to let out some hot air?? Come to the South side of town this weekend for the 2011 Summer Balloon Classic held between Midlothian and Waxahachie just south of DFW. This Aviation Extravaganza is being held at Midway Regional Airport off Highway 287 July 22nd-24th. The three-day outdoor event features 40 magnificent Hot Air Balloons, an exciting Air Show which includes the only Aerobatic Racing Challenge found in the south! You’ll also catch anything that operates in the air from airplanes, helicopters, military aircraft to skydivers and powered parachutes.

See 40 hot air balloons at SBC 2011

On Saturday evening at sunset the “Lite the Nite” balloon glow will fill the skies with balloons on static displace filling the area with a beautiful glow of color. The event is FREE but parking will cost about $10. DFW’s Summer Balloon Classic also involves plenty of exhibits, food, a kid’s are and live music! This is a great summer activity for the entire family and all you have to worry about paying is parking and possible food or crafts if something catches your eye. The air shows and balloon display is sure to catch your eye. Watch as Texas Balloonists compete for the Texas State Championship right at the 2011 Summer Balloon Classic. It’s not every day you get to witness something as awesome as this. You may even get the opportunity to fly or operate a piece of machine yourself!

Awesome Air Shows & military aircraft

Everything but the balloons start poppin’ off at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon when the event officially opens and the opening ceremonies are at 6:15pm. However, the Balloon Classic opens as early as 6am on Saturday and Sunday! Saturday ends with the amazing “Lite the Nite” balloon glow presented by 103.7 Lite FM. On Saturday the booths, exhibits and Children’s area will be open from 4-8:3opm. If you decide to wait until the last day to come (Sunday) be sure to get there before noon because the event will be closing.


Friday, July 22……4:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday, July 23…..6:00am – 8:30pm
Sunday, July 24…… 6:00am – 12noon

Visit the official DFW Summer Balloon Classic site for more information.

The Event

29 Jun

Well, well, well…. Look who it is. Yeah, you!!

Did you get tired of doing the same ole same ole and realized there HAS to be other stuff going on around here? Maybe you hear about neat things that people do AFTER the fact and have basically gotten sick of it…

WELCOME to DFW Happenings!!! Your new source for the cool stuff taking place in the DFW Metroplex! This site will focus mainly on the Dallas side of town but every once in a while we’ll venture over to Fort Worth, Tarrant County and surrounding cities as well. DFWH keeps you connected with what’s going on. Dallas has so many hidden jewels so now we’re here to reveal them! As we discover them for ourselves we’ll pass it along to you! Why not share the wealth! You can just call us your “North Texas Treasure Map” for now. If you’re someone who likes to find unique new things to do around the city and try out new places or venues then this is just the place for you. (Warning: This is not a site used to promote the typical clubs or movie theaters) Whether you’re looking for a cheap date idea, a free concert, discounts on food, a hot new restaurant or something out of the ordinary to do DFWH is here as a resource. “She Cez” will guide you through the town and post announcements or upcoming events for your knowledge; If she’s interested in it, you’ll see it here! And what better time to get things rollin’ than in the HEAT of the Summer!

Try venturing out of the norm. Discover what the DF-dubb has to offer! and if you know of someone new to the area, point them this way! Find stuff to do whether it’s in Uptown, Downtown or Funky Town! Remember DFWH is your new “North TX Treasure Map”!….and now off to find some GOLD!!!

DFWH will lead you to the Treasures North TX has to offer!

Word of Advice: Listen to ‘She Cez’…..She’ll keep u ‘IN’ the know, so you won’t be out of the loop with what’s HappenINg 😉

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