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2013 St. Patrick’s Day Dallas Festival and Events

14 Mar

If the Who’s of Whoville bring out all their gifts at Christmastime what do the Green colored people of North Texas do on Greenville Ave when St. Patty’s Day Weekend arrives? They dash for 3.5 miles covered in four leaf clovers and then party their way through the rest of the day in hopes of good luck for the rest of spring. You MAY find some of these greedy green southerners with “the luck of the Irish” jammed in their back pocket or floating around their cups up on a Greenville restaurant rooftop at 8pm Saturday, but nonetheless they’ll be out and so will the sun. There’s a lovely forecast ahead to welcome all of St. Patrick’s pumped up patrons no matter how they plan on celebrating this “pot of gold” known as Dallas. We’ve got a few ideas of where they’ll be or where you will be between Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th.


Dash Down Greenville 5K (March 16)

Get your St. Patty’s Day started at 8 o’clock AM in the Dash Down Greenville 5K. This race will benefit the North Texas Food Bank so get your green gear on and walk or run down Greenville Ave shortly before the MAJOR (and we do mean major) parade. You might even help raise more than $61,500 (which was the amount from last year). Live band, cash prizes, food and more. dashdown2013The course will start on Southwestern Blvd, over to Skillman, crossing Lovers Lane and turning down E University Blvd just to land you right back on Greenville Ave.

Race Day Registration: $45
Kids 12 and Under: $15

5K Course Map
Parking Suggestions

Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival (March 16)

What would St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas be without the massive Greenville parade and festival that blocks off half of Uptown every year? And guess who’s headlining this year? None other than Snoop D-O Double-G himself. It won’t be a “Friday” affair for the rap star who will be getting a taste of how Green we really go in Texas. I’m not talking about the green that gives Snoop the munchies, but that of Irish pride and clovers. Get there early, get a spot up high or don’t get there at all. Following right after Dash Down Greenville the parade features tons of decked out floats and greenies on floats – young and old, Irish and non, drunken and…..well, less inebriated.

The Greatest Floats of all Greenville Times

The Greatest Floats of all Greenville Times

St. Patrick’s Day Greenville Avenue Block Party (March 16)

Green wigs aren’t the only thing that’ll be frazzled this Saturday. Shift the party down the street and to the corner of Greenville Ave and Goodwin Lane. Live music all around and food abounds. Prepare for a few pinching in your green jeans and Boston Celtics tee.

St. Paddy’s Day Party at Sundown at Granada (March 16)

The Granada Theater transforms into “Emerald City”. Reggae on the roof. DJ in the parking lot. Need we say more?

10AM – 2PM | $10

Hacienda on Henderson St. Patrick’s Day Party (March 16 & 17)



In addition to their Vegan menu, Hacienda On Henderson will be offering jello in its most “energizing” form along with some other relaxing beverages at a discounted cost. You can celebrate St. Patty’s Day all weekend long with Irish Brunch & Irish Tacos.

“Shots” and “Bombs” will be fired (or poured) for under $5 as Hacienda goes Guiness Green. Patty’s Day pints for just $3.


Check out more St. Patrick’s Day parties and events throughout DFW here!


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