DFW Happenings Spa Experience at Massage Envy Cedar Hill

8 Sep

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in September…

I had a 4:00pm appointment with Shannon at the Massage Envy that just opened on August 1st, 2013 in Uptown Village at Cedar Hill. IMG_9152For those of you living in Southwest Dallas you can probably appreciate a nearby massage location and with services at an affordable price in case you need a last minute fix. Located next to Black Eyed Peas, Massage Envy Spa Cedar Hill has very inviting entrance where the therapists/front desk will greet you with a smile. The greeters as well as the therapists make it a point to ask what brings you in and understand your needs.

Upon arrival I filled out a form that one of the therapists sat down and explained to me. This sheet is to help the Massage Envy therapists get a full glimpse at the client’s needs and note any important health information or medical issues. Laura was quite helpful in walking me through it. Once that was all filled out I was taken into the relaxation room and in no time was headed to my massage room! They ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment because of this (the paperwork).

305 W. FM 1382, Suite 110, Cedar Hill 75104

305 W. FM 1382, Suite 110, Cedar Hill 75104

My friendly therapist, Shannon, whom I highly recommend, was very warm and sweet. She walked me back to the room where we’d be for the next 50 minutes, talked to me about my massage needs and went over my form. Then I was left to strip down to my “birthday suit” or what I was “most comfortable with”. (The massage beds are heated, by the way.)

I got all comfy under the cover with my face situated in the cushioned face cradle and laid there until the specialist came back in. A couple of knocks at the door and we were ready to begin! I won’t say the entire experience was painless, but that’s all a part of working out the kinks, and boy did I have some kinks! Shannon did a very good job at working out all the knots and pressure points in my neck and back where most of the tension was, and where it is for most women. I never realize just how much stress my body is carrying up and down I-20 until I go get a massage. Deep tissue methods, massage oils, heated beds, some water to sip on, dimmed lights and relaxing music is all you need to set the tone. IMG_9140Oh, and of course a great massager! You’ll have the chance when making your appointment to give your preference if you want a male or female – I wasn’t partial to either. With just the right kneading and rubbing done to the muscles you won’t be either. Aside from the pressure points (emphasis on pressure), while I laid in that room covered in a very calming dark lilac paint, I quickly went from passing the neighborhoods of Pleasant Run to a mellow “Japanese Oasis”. The music helps take you there.

At one point – about midway through – I may have come close to falling asleep, but I’m a light sleeper AND this was a full body massage. Not to mention, I had knots, and I could tell that Shannon had already made it her goal to get those suckers broken up! It’s not always the easiest road but well worth it in the end. Intense is one way to describe it, if you’re in similar shape as I was. My therapist’s arm became the rolling pin and my muscles were the dough. She was very attentive and communicated with me exactly how I was feeling and whether or not to ease up. She covered the back, neck, arms, legs, hands, shoulders…just about anywhere you have muscle. By 4:59pm right on the dot she finished me up and gave me a time to gather myself and switch out any “birthday suits” for public Sunday afternoon attire. As I stepped out of the room, my therapist was there patiently waiting for me and encouraged me to drink plenty of water.

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Following my 50 minutes of massage ministry, the young ladies at the front ask how it all went and then review your therapist’s recommendations with you. They sent me home with a little booklet the goes over what was done in today’s visit, what is recommended and then your therapist’s schedule and other contact information for the spa.IMG_9143

If you don’t like to drive far and are on a budget, but would like to have monthly massages or facials to enhance your body’s health and wellness, consider Massage Envy for the most affordable and thorough treatments this side of the Trinity. It may not be the ritziest of Dallas spa’s and you can’t get $10 champagne, but you’re paying for mostly for the medical services more than the luxurious ambiance at America’s favorite spa chain. Get the attention your body needs and at a cost your bank account want! For $49 you can get a 1-hour introductory massage session or an introductory 1-hour Murad Health Skin facial session for just $10 more ($59). On top of that I was informed that, once you have membership, for only $10 extra your friend or family member can use your account to go get a massage or facial one month in your place.

To set up your appointment at the newly opened Massage Envy Spa in Cedar Hill call 469-272-3689.

IMG_9142It was no secret that Massage Envy’s nationwide event, Healing Hands for Arthritis benefiting the Arthritis Foundation, was coming up on September 18th. The balloons, signage and flyers posted in the lobby reminded clients of the 3rd annual one-day event to build awareness and raise funds to fight arthritis. All of the 32 DFW Massage Envy spas will donate $10 from every one hour massage or facial to the Arthritis Foundation.

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