HomeGrown Fest Main Street Garden Dallas – May 11

7 May

It’s confession time… admit it, you love Dallas music! You love the big names and national acts that infuse their roots into their songs played worldwide. You love the bars and clubs who have no shortage of talent every night of the week! You love going to eat in Dallas because you know for sure that the music is sometimes even a little better than the food! Right…? Right!


Dallas celebrates Dallas this weekend with the Homegrown Music Festival. It’s not your average music festival; many artists are coming home while many don’t have to leave their zip code. Like most festivals, there will be plenty to do while you enjoy the music. Stop by one of the numerous booths and sample the arts and crafts. You’ll be hungry so feel free to indulge your taste buds and taste all the good food. The spectacular lineup for the 4th Annual Homegrown Festival features only the hottest names in music from Texas/with Texas ties. Corporate sponsorship has been provided by Downtown Dallas,Inc.,The Chevy Music Showcase, KXT 91.7, WFAA Channel 8,Shiner Beer and Printed Threads. The goodness is going down on the Shiner Bock or Chevrolet stages, the lineup includes:

Divine Fits
The Polyphonic Spree

The Relatives

Larry g(EE)


The Band of Heathens

Burning Hotels

Somebody’s Darling

The O’s


Quiet Company

The Tontons

J. Charles & The Trainrobbers

Madison King


For complete stage and performance info on all the bands, click here


You have seen many of these bands at festivals all across North Texas in the past year. Many like The Relatives have been headliners. The Polyphonic Spree is enjoying a string of worldwide performances and is in the process of recording and releasing their newest album. Each of these acts are can’t miss! The true genius of Texas music is on display this Saturday at the Homegrown Music Festival. You’ll understand why many musicians and singers who weren’t born in Texas got here as fast as they could!

All this goodness goes down Saturday May, 11 2013 at the Main Street Garden Park, 1902 Main Street in Dallas and kicks off at 11 am! Grab your tickets today, and we’ll see you there!


Gospel Music writer for the Examiner, Win Willis, is a musician and sound engineer from Fort Worth, Texas. Win Willis is a lover of all styles of music and loves to share and discuss music with other avid music lovers.

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