King’s Men Tour 2012 Dallas Recap

27 Sep

The King’s Men Tour has come and gone through Dallas, yet its lingering effects remain. The trucks have packed up the stage, the Verizon Theatre has returned to its natural state…yet something’s different.

Gospel music is different and so is every single person that attended this groundbreaking concert Tuesday night in Grand Prairie.

The night started fast and ended at warp speed. The night seemed to end early and Israel Houghton’s plea for World Vision sponsors really seemed to bring the night to a warm close. Still, the King’s Men weren’t done turning gospel music upside down!

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Closing the night out with a final, collaborative set (lasting about a half hour) all four headliners capped the night with the crowd’s favorite songs.

Hands were lifted high and the crowd was on its feet for nearly the entirety of the concert. Who knows if the King’s Men will return to the area. If not, it would take the full length of a year for concert goers to prepare to again be enraptured by the enthralling performances!

The King’s Men Tour is in Houston, this Thursday.


Gospel Music writer for the Examiner, Win Willis, is a musician and sound engineer from Fort Worth, Texas. Win Willis is a lover of all styles of music and loves to share and discuss music with other avid music lovers.

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