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2013 State Fair of Texas Discounts

6 Oct

One regular admission ticket for an adult to the State Fair this year is $17. Children and seniors get in for $13. Unless you’re under the age of 3 (which means you wouldn’t be reading this) you can’t get in for FREE. A season pass will cost about $40, and one sheet of 20 coupons is $10. Another way to save a little change is to buy your fair ticket ahead of time online. Then it’ll be $14.95, as opposed to $17.

You’re best bet for getting the biggest discounts on admission to the Texas State Fair is to go between Tuesday and Friday.

Here are ways to save money on admission to the 2013 State Fair of Texas!!


Bring an empty Dr. Pepper can for $5 admission on Tuesdays, or $8 admission any day after 5 pm.

Go see BIG TEX and head straight to the Midway on a Tuesday so you can hop on even more amusement rides because all rides (except for thrill rides and the Texas Star) are ONLY SIX COUPONS each – a savings of anywhere between two to six coupons (or $1-$3) per ride.


Thanks to the North Texas Food Bank and Kroger, if you bring 3 canned goods (per person), you’ll receive $3.00 admission on Wednesdays. Help fight hunger in North Texas!


On Coca-Cola Thursday, bring an empty 20-ounce bottle and get $6 admission in exchange.

Every Thursday is also Senior Day, meaning fairgoers over the age of 60 get in absolutely FREE! On any other day seniors can still get $4.00 off admission.

Also, save your ticket stub from Cinemark Theatres, bring it to the fair on a Thursday, and receive FREE admission!!


Save money on admission every Friday, by using the special coupon offer on KISS-FM’s website for $5 OFF admission. Click here to get the printable KISS FM Fair Coupon!



September 27, 2013 – October 20, 2013

Exhibit Buildings
10am – 9pm (Sunday – Thursday)
10pm – 10pm (Fridays & Saturdays)

2011 TX State Veggie Fair | The 2nd Annual Texas State Veggie Fair at White Rock Lake

18 Oct

..Have we got a Fair for you!..

DallasVegan.com presents The Texas State Veggie Fair on Sunday, October 23rd!! The 2nd Annual Texas State Veggie Fair is back! Come enjoy a wide array of environmentally friendly as well as animal friendly vendors from 11am to 6pm at Winfrey Point – White Rock Lake. There will be Vegan Food sampling, carnival games, guest speakers, live music and entertainment. And guess what else? You get in Absolutley FREE!!

Just when you thought the State Fair of Texas overdid it with the Fried Foods, The Texas State Veggie Fair comes along with their Vegan Fried Foods competition! If you’re interested in applying yourself click here. One must prepare at least 5 servings of their fried food item, use ONLY and ALL vegan products (no milk, eggs, cheese, etc). Honey can’t be used either. There is a $100 prize for the winner! The entry fee is $15. (Just because we’re the “Fried Food Capital” of Texas doesn’t mean it always has to be fatty unhealthy fried food.)

Enjoy guest speakers for the 2011 Texas State Veggie Fair (I keep wanting to call it Vegan Fair). Julieanna Hever, Nathan Runkle, Nicole Sopko, Maria Miller Wolfson and Amber Shea Ford will present intriguing topics on vegan cooking, lifestyle, health & fitness. Read up on some of the outstanding speakers here.

You just might consider the main attraction of The 2nd Annual Texas State Veggie Fair to be the FOOD! If that’s the case, be on the lookout for vegetarian/vegan eateries like Hail Merry, Gennarino’s, Spiral Diner, NadaMoo!, Holy Kombucha, Denton Vegan Cooperative, Little Eden Baker and Jackaklope Mobile Kitchen. Sometimes you have to really look for a good vegetarian restaurant in the DFW but now you can get some of the best ones all in one location! In addition to the restaurants listed above, food sampling at the Veggie Fair will be available from: Gardein, Honest Tea, Sophie’s Kitchen, Starlite, Tofurky, Upton’s and WayFare.

Hit the Fair veggie style this weekend! You can jump for joy or skip for soy! Celebrate healthy living and an animal friendly lifestyle with other North Texans at the 2011 Texas State VEGGIE Fair. Make up for all those fatty fried foods you ate at Fair Park and bring your appetite to White Rock Lake on October 23rd for plenty of green and organic protein!

Winfrey Point – White Rock Lake
950 East Lawther Drive
Dallas, TX 75218

State Fair FOODS | The Fried Food Capital of Texas

7 Oct

I know a place where your tastebuds will jump and prance in excitement! A place where suddenly “green eggs and ham” no longer seem so strange, like foreigh food. A place where calories are of no concern. A place where Deep fryers reign the land and the batter never runs dry. A fatty’s, *cough* I mean foodie’s paradise: The State Fair of Texas!!! YES!! *insert Jafar laughter*

We can pretty much agree that FOOD is the #1 attraction to state fairs, and with The State Fair of Texas being the Fried Food Capital, there’s only one guess as to why millions attend each year. Sure the rides make your heart jump into your throat, the shows are eye-catching and the cars will keep your attention for about an hour, but the FOOD will feed a part of your brain reserved only for September 30 to October 23. More than just sustenance, it’s almost a 9th Wonder of the World to see what they’ll come up with next. You walk for miles across Fair Park only because your just that determined to find the fried food item your mind is set on. This year’s new fried food is : FRIED BUBBLEGUM. Is it REALLY bubble gum?? No, more like a marshmallow-y substance. But they still managed to deep fry whatever it is and take home the 2011 award for “Most Creative”. This year’s winner for Best Taste went to the Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack.

New this year: Fried Bubblegum

This year’s Big Tex Choice Awards included the following competitors:


Here’s the list of winners over the last 6 years:

2005 Most Creative Viva Las Vegas Fried Ice Cream
2005: Best Taste Fried PB, Jelly and Banana Sandwich
2006: Most Creative Fried Coke
2006: Best Taste Fried Praline Perfection
2007: Most Creative Deep Fried Latte
2007: Best Taste Texas Fried Cookie Dough
2008: Most Creative Fried Banana Split
2008: Best Taste Chicken Fried Bacon
2009: Most Creative Deep Fried Butter
2009: Best Taste Fernie’s Deep Fried Peaches & Cream
2010: Most Creative Fried Beer™
2010: Best Taste Texas Fried FRITOS® Pie
2011: Most Creative Fried Bubblegum
2011: Best Taste Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack

See anything you like? Maybe you saw some stuff that you have NEVER EVEN HEARD OF. Well, you’re gonna hear about it at the State Fair of Texas. Besides, isn’t this what the state fair is all about? FOOD!

Fried Buffalo Chicken

I’m going to introduce you to some of the NEW foods to this year’s State Fair. (btw, most of them are Fried) It may be better if I leave the descriptions to your imagination, but then this wouldn’t be as fun right? First up we have Fried Naked Tamalesfresh tamales dipped in egg wash and rolled in masa harina para tamales (whatever that means). Next, Texas Steak Conea flour tortilla cone stuffed with mixed beans, juicy steak, chicken pico, shredded cheese, & sour cream.

Fried Butter

The Heavenly Deep Fried Brownie will have you on Cloud 9 with its bite-sized battered chocolate decadence dusted with powdered sugar and served with chocolate-cherry syrup ambrosia (hold my cherry dressing please). Ever wondered how southern breakfast could be deep fried? Well the answer is in Deep Fried Biscuits and Gravya flaky biscuit filled with gravy and dipped in a light batter. Speaking of Southern, taste the new Deep Fried Southern Hospitality – its combination of seasoned pork, fresh collard greens and hot water cornbread, shaped in a cone and served on a stick will make you always feel welcome in the southernmost state. If that wasn’t enough consider the Praline Sweet Potato Popperssweet potatoes mashed and blended with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, brandy, orange zest, chopped pecans, ginger and marshmallows. Is anyone keeping record of calories yet? Want to give your blood pressure a scare? Get the Fried Pecan Caramel Candy. Sheesh, saying it just gave me a cavity.

Where it all began

This sweet tooth fix consists of flattened caramel candy squares dipped in pecan chocolate batter, topped off with a buttery caramel sauce. Double Fried Chicken Breast Taco – a hand breaded home-style chicken breast wrapped and refried in a flour toritilla, served with either cream gravy or jalapeno ranch dressing. Last but not least, Fernie’s Deep Fried Whole Lotta Chocolatta is a Whole lotta SUGA as takes two slices of Italian bread stuffed with dark chocolate, dipped in egg wash, coated with crunchy bread crumbs and served with a side of Russet potato chips, sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with a hard white and milk chocolate shell. Now everyone take 5 laps around the coffee table because sitting here reading those descriptions was nearly sinful. I think you may have gained a pound.

Fried this...Fried that..

New Vendors List:

(located on the Midway at the intersection of MLK and Midway)

(located at the intersection of Pike and Fun Way on Fun Way St.)

(located in the Food Court inside the Tower Building)

(located on Fun Way in front of the Lost Children’s Shelter)

(located on First Ave. on the lawn of the Magnolia Lounge across from the Old Mill Inn.)

(located in the Food Court inside the Tower Building)

(located on Pike Street inside the Kids Way Area

(located in Cotton Bowl Plaza)

Click here to find out what each of these vendors serve.

Funnel cake with the works

Enter if you Dare

A personal favorite: Texas sized Nachos

Have your workout plan set for early November because you may be tempted to keep tasting and tasting when the Fried Food Capital sucks you into Jenny Craig and Kirsty Allen’s worst nightmare.

I don’t know how Big Tex keeps his figure with all those Fried Oreos and Cheesecakes surrounding him.

The Aftermath from our table in the food court

The 2011 State Fair of Texas

16 Sep

If you’re a Texas resident, and you’re experiencing an increased heart rate, unexplained cravings for cholesterol-bearing fare, and anxiousness AND it’s the month of September then you may not necessarily need to see a Physician. Just pay a visit to Big Tex because those symptoms are a clear indication of the soon arrival of the annual State Fair of Texas!! I don’t know about cold sweats at night, but depending on the weather you may just have general sweats during the day. Our summer temperatures may or may not taper off in time to go see Big Tex up close and personal!

Big Tex

Each year thousands gather for this amazing festival which celebrates any and everything Texan! Fair Park is transformed into Heaven of Unhealthy foods and extreme rides that won’t find at your local Six Flags. The State Fair of Texas is a one of a kind. Many state fairs pale in comparison to what we’ve got going on in Dallas. The State Fair of Texas menu has put Dallas on the map as being the “Fried Food Capital of Texas”. ANYTHING, and I do mean ANY-thing fried that you can imagine or are looking for, will be at this Fair. At one point there was talk of bringing the state fair to the summertime. After a record amount of revenue that was brought in in 2010, there was discussion of “Summer Place” a three month amusement park that includes a big new ride. Some people make their yearly income JUST from business they receive AT this State Fair! It’s insane! But It’s TEXAS.

I got so caught up talking about what you can find at the fair that I forgot to mention the actual dates. You get a window of 3 weeks to check out the fair. Opening day is September 30th as the State of Fair of Texas Celebrates 125 years!!! Big Tex even got some new threads and boots to celebrate. The exact dates for the fair are September 30 – October 23. That’s practically a month!! Plus, you can find special deals on weekdays. Get discounts on your Texas State Fair tickets here!

I’ll likely post an article solely devoted to the FOOD of the Fair (since FOOD IS the top reason why people attend the State Fair of Texas), but I can give you a preview of some of the new edible Fried stuff coming out! The 2010 Big Tex Choice Award went to Fried Frito Chili Pie last year as it should have! That thing was delicious! This year’s winner for Best Taste goes to the Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack while Fried Bubblegum won Most Creative! Imagine fried bubble gum!! ONLY at the State Fair of Texas. It’s technically not real bubblegum though; more like a pink marshmellow-y type substance, but either way, you’d probably never hear of such a thing outside the Texas State Fair.

Other 2011 Deep Fried Finalists include:

Fried Frito Chili Pie

Deep Fried Pineapple Upside Down cake
Deep Fried Texas Salsa
Fried Autumn Pie
Hans’ Kraut Ball
Walking Taco

Click here to see some of the winners over the years!

At the fair you also get the mega auto show, livestock, tons of arts & crafts, games, free concerts and more live entertainment. You almost have to take on this Texan festival with a strategy in mind. Decide whether you’re going to get your food first, what shows you want to see, when to spend time in the Auto Show pavilion and when to ride rides, if you’re brave enough. I wouldn’t recommend eating right before the rides, just in case some of the fried delicacies don’t agree with your system OR if you plan on pigging out. This fair only comes around once a year but you can always pace yourself. Speaking of pacing, the park grounds are rather LARGE so be prepared to do a lot of walking around the 277 acres that the Fair inhabits.

Expect to pay in and around $15 for parking. ($30 for Valet) There are lots of ‘sidestreet hustlers’ (whom you can trust if they have a permit) that will be selling parking spots in the surrounding areas of the Fair grounds for about $10-$15 or you can attempt to park inside the designated Fair parking also. Just know it’ll either be packed (if you go late) or you’ll spending a little bit more than you have to. (if you don’t mind a little gravel or grass on your tires)

The Auto Show takes up two buildings! Then there are truck areas all outside with various activities, TV screens playing the football games and live performances on the Chevy main stage. You get the chance to see some of the newest models coming out in the Auto Show pavilion and just enjoy getting into some of the cars you like to explore. All ages seem to enjoy this part of the Fair and it can be quite exciting for any car lovers.

Catch lots of Trucks, even in the Sky

There’s even a Garden Show at the State Fair now. The State Fair Fall Garden Exhibition, which started back in 2002, has only gotten better with time. It started out as a professional landscaping contest during the 24-day fair but now most participants just maintain their beds all year long. I’m telling you this Fair has something for EVERYONE! (You included) If you didn’t see something in here that grabs your attention (which is highly unlikely since so many of us like Fair Food) then visit http://www.bigtex.com to see what else I may not have covered. Plus, stay posted for the Texas State Fair FOOD article!

We even got OPRAH to break her diet & wear a cowboy hat

We don’t even need Oprah & Gail for this taste testing. It’s best to just get out there and do it yourself! Celebrate 125 years of Texas Fun at the 2011 State Fair of Texas which officially opens for business SEPTEMBER 30TH!! The countdown to the 2011 State Fair of Texas has been on since the day the 2010 State Fair of Texas ended! See you there!!

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