3rd Annual Go Oak Cliff Blues Bandits & BBQ

11 Oct

If you’ve already got the blues from the departure of summertime in North Texas, find your fall pick-me-up in North Oak Cliff Saturday, October 27th. There will be BBQ, live music, a beer garden featuring Four Corners Brewery’s finest, a bounce house for the kids and food trucks all at the 3rd Annual Go Oak Cliff Blues Bandits & BBQ event. It will take place at 1700 Seeds, the sunflower art installation that was just created this summer. Look for market shopping, lawn games and energizing performances. You’ll get all the fun that comes with summer but within cooler temperatures in late October.

October 26…………..5pm – 10pm

October 27…………..12pm – 6pm

Blues, Bandits & BBQ 2012 is hosting a BBQ competition in which teams compete in the following five categories: chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket and sausage. All those who enjoy grilling and think they’re pretty darn good at it are welcomed to enter the competition.

Love the taste of BBQ?? Well here’s where you come in! Attend this competition of Oak Cliff Blues Bandits & BBQ, sample what you wish and then vote on the 2012 BBQ People’s Choice Award. Just purchase a BBQ tasting wristband for access to the seasoned and smoked meats beforehand. It’s $20 and can be purchased here on prekindle.com. Get your samples in between 2pm and 4pm. Remember you only need a ticket if you plan on partaking of the BBQ competition food. Other than that this is a FREE event!

Inhale the smells and sounds of summer without the unbearable heat. Come to Go Oak Cliff Blues Bandits & BBQ on the last Friday & Saturday of the month! It’s Free to get in and there’s so much you’ll get out! In fact you’ll make out like a Bandit!

715 W. Davis Street
Dallas, TX 75208

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