2012 Jazz Nights at The Dream Café

20 Mar

Once upon a time (about two decades ago) an aspiring entrepreneur dreamed up a place where people could eat healthy, get tasty food, let the kids run free and be able to let their hair down while doing so. It would be a safe haven for adults and children alike that allowed them the freedom to be themselves and let their imaginations run wild. This place came into existence in the DFW metroplex, and the owners were so pleased with themselves that they opened a second location. Both provided a relaxing patio atmosphere, occasional classic movie nights, easy going ambiance and an eclectic family friendly menu. “Let’s call it The DREAM Café!” they said. Then, a couple years later, another idea popped into their heads. “Let’s set aside special nights where customers can not only eat and drink, but hear live music outside on the patio at the same time. We’ll do it in the springtime, since this IS Texas.”

This spring explore your dreams and find a place of evening refuge in Uptown Dallas at The Dream Café’s Jazz Nights every Monday and Wednesday from 7 to 9pm. Local artist Melanie Skybell, a regular performing artist at The Dream Café, along with The Brehms Duo will alternate nights giving live shows on location. In fact, Melani Skybell will be having her Album Release Party on Wednesday, April 11th at the Uptown Location. Help her celebrate her newest CD with Pete Brewer on sax, Jaelun Washington on drums and Jonathan Fisher on bass at her second home – The Dream Café. (outside on patio, weather permitting)

*While you’re at Jazz Nights on Wednesdays, those who like to sip after a long day’s work, can enjoy ½ priced bottles of wine, every Winey Wednesday.*

Check out the full 2012 Spring Jazz Nights Schedule:

Mon. Mar 19: The Brehms Duo
Wed. Mar 21: Melani Skybell
Mon. Mar 26: The Brehms Duo
Wed. Mar 28: Melani Skybell
Mon. Apr 2: The Brehms Duo
Wed. Apr 4: Melani Skybell
Mon. Apr 9: The Brehms Duo

Wed. Apr 11: Melani Skybell (CD Release Party!)
Mon. Apr 16: The Brehms Duo
Wed. Apr 18: Melani Skybell
Mon. Apr 23: The Brehms Duo
Wed. Apr 25: Melani Skybell
Mon. Apr 30: The Brehms Duo
Wed. May 2: Melani Skybell
Mon. May 7: The Brehms Duo

The Brehms Duo

The Dream Café is very casual restaurant (with vegetarian friendly items offered on their menu) found right in the heart of Uptown Dallas located at the Quadrangle off Routh Street. Parking is Free either in the Quadrangle lot or the nearby garage. Although The Dream Café is also in Addison, Jazz Nights will just be taking place in Uptown for now, as the Addison location is typically closed during the evenings – but perfect for Brunch. This hidden treasure is no longer remaining a ‘secret’. (I personally came across it a couple of summers ago when looking for new things to do.) So For the next 2-3 months, don’t just dream about Free Jazz Nights, but make it a reality. By the end of the evening -between the wine and the soothing sax sounds- you may be walking on clouds.

Now if we could just get those Classic Movie Nights back up and running! 😉

Uptown Location
2800 Routh Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Addison Location
5100 Beltline Road
Dallas, TX 75254

*Check out the Dream Cafe Menu here*

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